About Us

         Psychologist Panel is a pure non-profitable forum of Psychology. It is made to provide online services not only to the individuals related to the field of Psychology but also to the whole community. It is solely devoted for the spread of knowledge and information in different domains related to the field of Psychology to help others by providing all the information at one forum. It also provides different professional and educational services.   

Our Project

   psychologistpanel.com         Psychologist Panel is solely devoted to educate and help the students as well as professionals in the field of Psychology. It is intended to cover all the prospects of the field of Psychology where it will provide the students, professionals and researchers with informative blogs on different topics of Psychology, different scales and psychological tests along with their psychometric properties. We are also providing you with different documentaries, movies, lectures related to Psychology to make your experience of learning more interesting. We believe in providing a platform for researchers to share their published work so others can get maximum benefit of them.

Our Objective

           Our objective is to remove the difficulties faced by students and professionals in the field of Psychology. Through this forum we want to provide information about scales, different topics of Psychology, psychotherapy and diagnosis, and psychometric properties of different tools. Furthermore, This forum will also information about any jobs, admissions, workshops, and seminars at one forum. We believe in promotion and recognition of talent so we warmly welcome anyone student or professional to join us to share their information and writings.