Message of the CEO



Psychologist panel is a non-profitable forum and we were working for many years on this idea. I wanted to do something to help others by removing the difficulties and problems which I have faced during my study and research. The best solution was finally this forum where we warmly welcome you all. It is not our forum but it belongs to all of you who want to do something in the field of Psychology. If you are a researcher or author, then you can share your work with us so that others can get benefit of that.

The major problem I faced was to find the proper scales and psychological tests for my research purpose. Most of my time was wasted in searching for the updated and valid instruments and also to get the email IDs of the authors/translators to get permission to those instruments in my research. So I decided to make all that information available at single forum where all the information about the scales and their authors will be available.

I wanted to publish my research work but did not had proper information about the best suitable journals and their categories where I could publish my work. So here I will try to add all the information about HEC recognized journals and their categories along with contact information so that researchers do not need to waste their time for searching them one by one.

I used to watch different documentaries, movies, and lectures about different psychological issues. So I wanted to share all those things to others so that those who are good visual learners can get better understandings of the topics through those materials. So I decided to include those too at this forum where everything will be available on a single click.

We also believe in promotion of talent and hard work. Anyone who is either a student/professional of Psychology or having interest in this field and want to write anything related to the field of Psychology. We warmly welcome you at our forum where we will publish your work at our website after review.

I thank you for your interest and visit of this forum. I welcome you to share any of your work with us so that we may publish it on our forum so that others can also get benefit of it. I pay a special gratitude to my team for their hard work and sincerity.

Ahmed Mujtaba Owaisi

Director & Founder

Psychologist Panel