Addiction is A Disease Not a Habit – Addiction Disease

Addiction disease

Addiction disease

There are four major features of any addictive disease which make it serious as well as which prove that addiction is a disease, instead of a habit.

Primary Disease:

Addiction is a primary disease. It means that it does not happen due to any other issue or any other disease rather it happens due to its own. For example, addiction does not occur because of any stress. If it occurred due to stress then can count a number of individuals who suffered from extreme stressors but they did not go towards addiction or towards substance use. Furthermore, addiction does not occur due to any psychological disorder. For example, depression is the most common psychological disorder in the world but it does not lead a person towards addiction. Many individuals suffering from depression do not use drugs or become addict.

Chronic Disease:

Addiction is a chronic disease. In medical terminology, the word chronic means long lasting. There are different types of diseases some of them affect the person for a long time. Asthma, stress, kidney disease, liver disease, heart failure, and Alzheimer’s disease etc. are among a few diseases which are known as chronic diseases. Addiction is also considered to be one of chronic disease which can last for a long time and get worse if not treated in time.

Progressive Addiction Disease:

There are different Addiction disease which are categorized as the progressive diseases which means that they get worse with time. Brain diseases, eyes, liver issues as well as diabetes are among the progressive diseases. Addiction is also a progressive disease as it affects the addict and gets worse with the passage of time.

Potentially Fatal Disease:

Finally, addiction is a potentially fatal addiction disease which means that it is a life-threatening issue. How addiction is life threatening? The answer is very simple. The individual who is under the influence of drugs face issues in perception and cannot drive or walk properly on road. He cannot get proper perception of distance due to which he can get into an accident. If he is driving then he is also putting others at risk. Furthermore, there are many incidents which can only be understood by the families who are having any addict person in their family. So, it is important for these families to get proper treatment for Addiction diseases rather than considering it as a bad habit of the individual.