Diary of an ADDICT #1

Diary of an ADDICT #1

Written By Aiman Saba

Founder of Etymos: A house of counselling

So when I went in the room there were 3 of them (addicts) sitting in front of me. I wasn’t there for the session, but only to gather data for my research purpose. One of them (the addict) was in very good shape and a few moments ago when I saw him at the counter I gathered that he is one of the staff.


What was in his voice that made me write this article? What was there that made me think of my long lost dream again? I couldn’t understand. To understand it better I need to not only write it down but share it with those who have been feeling the same way.

I began my introduction by simply saying SALAM to all of those present in room and I could see that they are astonished by this gesture. next thing that brought this look on their faces was when i said ‘I am here to talk about your disease’ he replied to me very bitterly ‘We are addicts (nashai)’.


ME: Yes, that is your disease not your label.

Him: Somehow I don’t feel this is right. My family calls me an addict they don’t think i have a disease, they think I do it by choice. Even the staff here calls us nashai how come you are saying that this is not my label.

Me: I don’t know about anyone else, But I do know that Drug Addiction is a relapsing disease just like any other chronic disease let’s say for example Diabetes. You see Every time a diabetic person intakes sugar his symptoms come back.


Him: I like what you are saying, I want to believe you but let me tell you this this is 52nd time I have been readmitted in the Rehabilitation center. and now I don’t have any positivism left inside me. now I simply know once I get out of this Center I will go back with a lot of dreams but whatever i will try and i mean whatever nobody is going to trust me. Although my family is very supportive but when it comes to trusting me they never do. They want me to send to Dubai. They think Living alone is my cure. they think if they will send me away I will be okay.

Afterwards there was just silence.