Diary of an Addict #2

Diary of an Addict

Written by Aiman Saba

Founder of Etymos: A house of counselling

To start with the page 2, one thing I would like to clear. Some people have said to me that if I believe that the word is Substance-abuser not addict then why would I put the word in Title of the note???
Well if you thought so , You were right. The word is actually Substance abuser and I am at fault for not clearing that earlier. But you see this diary is not of a substance abuser, but mine. I am an addict of making things right and this is a habitual addiction and I still don’t have any other name for that. And also that I strive to make the stigma regarding the different terminologies go away. Hence the title. I am not sure about whether I am right or wrong but what I do know is my words can reach out in world and if I believe it I can bring change.
Today I am going to share the other struggles I had while collecting data for my research article. You see as I am talking about the stigmatization, being a Mental-Health professional I have to face the stigmatization myself and a lot of it. Pakistan is growing day by day, Population wise and also in other means. but when it comes to terms of understanding we as a nation tend to ignore many things and one of them is bringing new things to the table. We are still scared of changing. we are still scared of accepting the change.
When I break the news at my home that I have finally decided that what I want to become after doing my masters and 2 years of practical life I finally know what I wanna do, well the reaction was not too bad but it was not accepting of my decision either. I had to put a lot of effort in making my family realize that its not such a bad field. oh what I am talking about? I told my family and now telling you that I wanna become the most EFFECTIVE Addiction Professional.

Diary of an Addict

Impossible? I wouldn’t earn enough? I would give up?
After working with those who are considered the societies weakest link, I have realized one thing that its not about the money, its not about being happy its not about being poor or rich its all about TRUST. If I trust myself with this responsibility I can and will be able to conquer all the difficulties in my way. This page is not only here to help my Patients but it is also To Inspire those who have so many ideas about life and other things but just because of the doubts in their minds they are not able to act on them.
So here is to every one out there, I am choosing my future you can choose it too. If you need help we are here for you