The Misconception

The Misconception

The Misconception

Written by Aiman Saba

Founder of Etymos: A house of counselling

Misconception: An opinion based on faulty assumption!!

The insane people need to visit the Psychologist

Do you ever get so stressed out that you just wanted to quit or go away from everything in your life?

If your answer is No, then you are one of the lucky people alive on this earth. If its yes, then don’t be alarmed. It’s normal. However, regardless of your answer I want you to imagine. Imagine the toughest part of your life that you have been through yet. I know it’s not going to be a fun thing to do but let’s try it, because the point I am trying to make here isn’t going to be easy to understand without feeling.

Our society is in a constant ‘Change’. Once we used to have heart warming relationships all around us, unfortunately this is not the case anymore. The challenges we face are getting tougher and tougher by every day that is passing. Yet we have so little relationships left to share our problems or our success with. The ones that are left, we don’t feel comfortable enough to talk to them.

When all of the emotions good or bad, are left unspoken, they pile up. It’s just like if someone is not in habit of doing their laundry at the proper time, the dirty clothes will pile up. However unlike dirty clothes that only leave your closet empty, unspoken piled up emotions leave a void in your heart, taking away your happiness and motivation. It will push towards the dark pit of disparity and into a sea of negative emotions. That someday will lead to psychological disorders such as schizophrenia, anxiety or personality disorders.

Psychologists do help in the severe psychological impairments, Agreed. However what is not common knowledge is that they can help you in taking control over your life, learning life style changes, implementing them and they also provide you emotional and social support without stigmatizing you for any issue that you are struggling with.

Seeking help is your basic right. All of us need help from time to time. Sometimes all we need is a little more than a friend’s advice. We need professional help. Don’t be shy for seeking it and if you know someone that is in need you should help them as well. Reach out. Accept help. For you are worth it!